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Red Chili Flakes - Extra Hot

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Premium quality Indian Red Chili Flakes - Extra Hot dispatched directly from our location in India. | TheIndianSuperstore.Com

Red Chili Flakes also known as Crushed Red Pepper Flake, most commonly recognized as a condiment to be sprinkled onto pizzas. These are organically prepared by sun drying the chilli and crushed making them ideal as a cooking ingredient or garnish.

These are great in a pepper grinder. When added to hot oil and fried, they turn a darker colour and give a lovely flavour to the dish. They are also perfect for adding a gentle spicy undertone to all kinds of dishes (if used sparingly), rather than a pungent heat explosion compared to using a ground chilli powder, ideal for stir-fries, pasta dishes, tomato sauces, salad dressings, infusing oils, pickling, roasting meats and vegetables.

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