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Wagh Bakri

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Just Dip... Sip... A-ha!    Enjoy

Wagh Bakri Masala Chai Tea Bag has authentic Indian spices mixed with your  favourite blend of Wagh Bakri Tea. These double chambered tea bags facilitate  faster infusion and being staple-free they can be used in a microwave oven as  well.

Option to choose from 25/100 tea bags

Wagh Bakri Tea Group is a Premium Tea  Group,  having presence in tea business  since 1892.  Today it is the 3rd largest  packaged tea company  in India. The group is  a leading stride in tea  exports and retail  consumer all over the world.  With huge  number of Wagh Bakri tea lovers around  the  world, it has emerged as a truly global   brand.

Over the years, a long-lasting   relationship of love and trust has  developed  between Wagh Bakri and its loyal  consumers. Teas  from the best tea gardens  is selected and the  group Directors  personally taste and evaluate  the teas.

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