Vicco Vajradanti Toothpaste

Vicco Vajradanti Toothpaste


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Vicco Vajradanti, is one of the best herbal toothpaste available in India. It is made from more than 20 herbs and barks of trees. The toothpaste has been time tested for several generations and is known for thoroughly clean and strengthened teeth. It fights bacteria and improves oral hygiene. This toothpaste prevents germ regrowth and imparts strength to the gums.

Regular usage of Vicco Vajradanti strengthens teeth and gums. This toothpaste also fights plaque and other oral disorders such as bleeding gums. Vicco Vajradanti builds up the strength of the bite as well. They also prevent cavities and tooth ache.

Main ingredients in the toothpaste are bark from trees and certain other herbs. This makes it a unique ayurvedic medicine. The bark is from the trees of babool, bakul and jambhul. The toothpaste also has anantmul, amala, behada, kavab chini, maifal, manjishtha, bor and acrod.

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