Hansaplast Belladonna Plasters (17cm x 11cm) - 10 Sheets

Hansaplast Belladonna Plasters (17cm x 11cm) - 10 Sheets

Hansaplast - Beiersdorf AG

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10 Sheets per Pack | Hansaplast - Beiersdorf AG

Healing power of Belladonna activates Body  Heat against   Pain.


- Swelling Pain
- Backache
- Swelling of Nerves
- Muscle Stiffness
- Joint Swelling
- Mumps
- Boils

Active Ingredients:

Alkaiods of Belladonna.

Direction of Application:

Clean the  aching part   preferably with soap and water.  Dry the skin thoroughly. Remove protective    layer of the plaster. Cover aching part with  plaster and smooth out with hand.   The  plaster can be worn for several days, but it  is recommended to change it   daily or atleast  after 48 hours. The plaster can be cut to  size if required.

Direction of Removal:

Loosen one  end and  take  away in quick jerks. If  required, use a wet sponge or a small piece  of  cotton  with surgical spirit, apply the  spirit on the edges and and between the  skin   and the plaster while removing to make the  plaster come off easily.

Do not use if you:-

- suffer  from glaucoma 
- are allergic to adhesive plasters 
- have inflamed or broken skin 
- have applied any other medication to the  skin 
- are using a medication that contains  antihistamines

Do not use on the face

Not recommended for use by:-

- children under 10   years old 
- pregnant or breast feeding women. If in  doubt ask the pharmacist for advice

Note: Skin   irritation occasionally occurs  while using this product. If the skin  beneath  the plaster begins to hurt, remove  the plaster immediately and wash with soap    and water. If   any unwanted effects occur,  discontinue use and talk to your doctor or   pharmacist.

Keep out of the reach and sight of  children

Important shipping information:

All our items are dispatched using registered Airmail service from our facility in India.

This product is sold to you on the premise that you have received advice from a doctor and that you are not self-medicating.

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