Divya Shila Sindoor

Divya Shila Sindoor

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Divya Shila sindoor is a wonderful or organic product from the pharmacy of Swami Ramdev Ji. It is a great tonic for the body which helps in complete rejuvenation of all the cells, tissues, parts, organs and systems of the body.  It is mainly used to get rid of various problems associated with the skin and blood in the body. Most efficient and excellent herbs, which are being used since ancient times in the treatment and prevention of numerous skin problems, have been used to prepare this herbal formula. It may be used by anyone who suffers from skin infections, injuries, wounds or other skin problems more often. It helps in purification of blood thereby eliminating waste materials and toxins from the body which are quite harmful for the health of the skin.

Key Ingredients
  • Shudh Parad
  • Dharit Kumari
  • Shudh Manushil
  • Shudh Gandhak
Health Benefits
  • Divya Shila sindoor has been found to be effective in almost all types of skin problems such as boils, leprosy, urticaria, acne, eczema etc. It helps in purification of blood and hence deals with such skin problems which are caused mainly due to presence of toxins or impurities in the blood. It also helps in soothing down any irritation, itching or inflammation on the skin. This herbal formula also enhances flow of blood to the skin cells so that they may keep on working with maximum efficiency.
  • Divya Shila sindoor also helps in providing great relief from fevers. It helps in releasing excessive heat from the body thereby brings down the body temperature quite fast. Apart from this, the symptoms associated with fevers such as headache, body pain, nausea, vomiting, indigestion, cold, shivering etc. are also relieved. 
  • Divya Shila sindoor is good for the respiratory system as well. It helps in treating respiratory disorders such as asthma, bronchitis, pain in the chest, wheezing sound from the chest etc. It also soothes down any irritation in the throat or respiratory tract.
  • Divya Shila sindoor offers relief from infectious diseases caused due to microbes in the body. It attacks at the root cause and hence completely eradicates the problem. Also it improves body immunity so as to prevent recurrence of the attack of microbes on the body. 
  • Divya Shila sindoor accelerates the rate of metabolism. This in turn cures various digestive problems which are mainly caused due to indigestion such as constipation, stomach gas or flatulence. 
  • Divya Shila sindoor induces sleep naturally. People suffering from insomnia or other problems due to sleeplessness may use this herbal formula and get rid of these problems quite effectively. 
  • Divya Shila sindoor nourishes the brain properly. As a result, any types of nervous disorders are treated well with the help of this herbal formula.
  • Divya Shila sindoor helps in increasing red blood cells count and hence improves the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood. Consequently, supply of oxygen to the entire body is normalized.

As prescribed by your physician or Ayurveda expert.

Side effects

This item is not known to have any side effects if taken as per the prescribed dosage.

Pack size

1 gram


-- Who should avoid taking this medicine? - As the effect of this product on pregnant and nursing women is not known, this Ayurvedic supplement is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

-- Please inform your physician before consuming in the following situations: diabetes, hypertension

-- Do not combine any medications without first asking your doctor / Ayurvedic Physician.

-- Do not exceed the stated dose - if unsure please contact Ayurvedic Doctor/Physician

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