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Divya Medohar Vati

Divya Medohar Vati

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Divya Medohar Vati is a great herbal product which helps in reducing weight in a perfectly safe and natural way. It is an apt remedy for those who lead a deskbound lifestyle and don’t get much time to exercise or carry out physical activities regularly. The herbs present in Divya Medohar Vati help in reducing the weight by pacing up the process of metabolism.

Key Ingredients

  • Amla (Emblica Officinalis)
  • Kutki (Picrorhiza kurroa)
  • Harad chilka (Terminalia chebula)
  • Baheda (Terminalia belerica)
  • Babul Gond (Acacia Arabica)
  • Shudha guggul (Commiphora mukul)
  • Viavidang (Embelia ribes)
  • Shilajeet (Asphaltum)

Health Benefits

  • Control over weight The major benefit of using Divya Medohar Vati is its efficiency in reducing the weight of an obese person in a safe and natural way. It is done by pacing up the metabolism which in turn burns all the calories or fats deposited in the body. As a result, the weight is also reduced automatically.

  • Maximizes functioning of digestive system Slow metabolism, chronic constipation and incomplete digestion of foods consumed by the body are also some of the chief causes of obesity or over-weight. Divya Medohar Vati helps in dealing with all these problems by maximizing the functions of digestive system.  

  • Free from side-effects Although Divya Medohar Vati aims at reducing the weight of a person however it doesn’t produce any side-effects on the body of a person. It reduces weight but without having any adverse effects on the health of a person. It is completely safe to be used by anyone.

  • Prevention of diseases associated with obesity Divya Medohar Vati is also helpful in the treatment and prevention of various diseases which are caused due to obesity. These may include high blood pressure, heart attack, high cholesterol, diabetes etc. It is due to maintenance of normal body weight.


As prescribed by your physician or Ayurveda expert.

Side effects

This item is not known to have any side effects if taken as per the prescribed dosage.

Pack size

100 tablets


-- Who should avoid taking this medicine? - As the effect of this product on pregnant and nursing women is not known, this Ayurvedic supplement is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

-- Please inform your physician before consuming in the following situations: diabetes, hypertension

-- Do not combine any medications without first asking your doctor / Ayurvedic Physician.

-- Do not exceed the stated dose - if unsure please contact Ayurvedic Doctor/Physician

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