Divya Makar Dhwaj

Divya Makar Dhwaj

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Makar Dhwaj is a tonic for general health. Kupipakva` medicines prepared with described rituals. The preparation of kupipakva juice is very complex process of ayurveda. Divya Pharmacy and Patanjali Ayurveda are preparing the most impressive and effective juices, chemicals and `kupipakva` juices, with perfect combination of traditional rituals and ultra-modern techniques. It instantly gives results in chronic and trouble giving diseases.

Divya Makar Dhwaj Vati or commonly called as Makar Dhwaj in the ayurvedic medicine world is a very good herbal formula for heart, immune system, reproductive system and other common ailments found in human body. It is rich in such herbs and natural ingredients which are all beneficial for various body parts and vital organs in their own way.

Key Ingredients of Divya Makar Dhwaj
  • Kumari or Aloe vera juice
  • Karpasa or Cotton or Gossypium herbaceum juice extract 
  • Shuddha Parada or Herbal purified Mercury
  • Shuddha Gandhaka or Herbal purified Sulphur
  • Shuddha Swarna or Purified gold leaves

Gold and mercury leaves in their purified form are triturated together followed by addition of purified sulphur to the mixture. All the three ingredients are then ground thoroughly. To the mixture thus obtained, juice extracts are added and then again triturated until they become dry. Further processing of the mixture finally yields the required vati.

Advantages of Divya Makar Dhwaj
  • Divya Makar Dhwaj Vati proves to be one of the best and most effective tonics for heart. It helps in nourishing the cells and muscles of heart and hence makes them strong enough to carry out their respective functions efficiently.
  • Divya Makar Dhwaj Vati is also a great anti-ageing agent which helps in prevention of various problems which mainly occur due to advancement in age
  • Divya Makar Dhwaj Vati is also recommendable in case of fevers, immunity relevant health problems and dyspepsia. 
Side effects

This item is not known to have any side effects if taken as per the prescribed dosage.


Usually 1-2 tablets of this herbal formula are recommended once or two times in a day before or after the meals. The dose may vary depending upon the individual physical conditions and the physical disorders. It is best to use this formula with milk, honey and betel leaf to have better results or health benefits. Or, Consult your physician or Ayurveda expert to suggest a dosage that best suits your conditions.

Pack size

2 gram


-- Who should avoid taking this medicine? - As the effect of this product on pregnant and nursing women is not known, this Ayurvedic supplement is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

-- Please inform your physician before consuming in the following situations: diabetes, hypertension

-- Do not combine any medications without first asking your doctor / Ayurvedic Physician.

-- Do not exceed the stated dose - if unsure please contact Ayurvedic Doctor/Physician

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