Divya Khadiradi Vati

Divya Khadiradi Vati

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Divya Khadiradi Vati is an ayurvedic or herbal formula which helps in providing effective and long lasting relief from cough and the associated symptoms.

Key Ingredients

  • Khair

  • Kankol

  • Camphor

Health Benefits

  • Divya Khadiradi Vati is chiefly used to get rid of cough. It attacks at the root cause of the cough and eradicates it completely from the body so that no traces of it may remain inside the body. This in turn ensures complete relief from cough along with its signs and symptoms.

  • Apart from treatment of cough, Divya Khadiradi Vati also helps in prevention of the same. It even stops attacks of cough frequently. It is due to improvement in the body immunity which deals with the microbes responsible for causing infectious cough.

  • Divya Khadiradi Vati also treats bronchitis as it helps in removal of mucus and phlegm from the lungs and the respiratory tract.

  • Divya Khadiradi Vati reduces sore throat as it is also a major symptom of cough. It soothes down the irritation and itching in the throat.

  • Stomatitis which means oral inflammation is also reduced and treated with the help of this wonderful herbal preparation.

  • Since Divya Khadiradi Vati is completely herbal in nature therefore it doesn’t cause any serious health hazards.


As prescribed by your physician or Ayurveda expert.

Side effects

This item is not known to have any side effects if taken as per the prescribed dosage.

Pack size

80 tablets


-- Who should avoid taking this medicine? - As the effect of this product on pregnant and nursing women is not known, this Ayurvedic supplement is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

-- Please inform your physician before consuming in the following situations: diabetes, hypertension

-- Do not combine any medications without first asking your doctor / Ayurvedic Physician.

-- Do not exceed the stated dose - if unsure please contact Ayurvedic Doctor/Physician

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