Divya Kapardak Bhasma

Divya Kapardak Bhasma

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Divya Kapardhak Bhasma is a great natural product which helps in treatment and prevention of multiple disorders associated with human body and mind. It is rich in natural ingredients which are beneficial for overall health of human beings.

Apart from this, it also exhibits medicinal properties. It acts as a great anti-bacterial and anti-viral product which is efficient in treating various infectious diseases caused due to the attack of virus or bacteria. It helps a person to remain in good health and safe from multiple common and serious diseases by enhancing the immunity of the body. There are three types of this bhasma, which is available in three different colors. These are yellow, red and white and act differently on different body parts. All in all Divya Kapardhak Bhasma is a great remedy to promote overall health of human beings.

Key Ingredients
  • Lemon juice
  • Kapadarak
  • Water
  • Divya Kapardhak Bhasma helps in boosting immunity of the body which in turn ensures that it fights against the diseases or infections in an efficient manner. Divya Kapardhak Bhasma is also helpful in removal of waste materials from the body thereby preventing various physical and other health problems which are caused due to accumulation of waste or harmful materials in the body.
  • Divya Kapardhak Bhasma helps in nourishing the body deeply. It helps in providing all the nutrients required by the cells, tissues and all the body parts thereby compensating for any deficiencies caused in the body due to lack of apt nutrients in the regular diet.
  • Divya Kapardhak Bhasma offers solution for most of the physical or other health problems in a completely risk-free manner. It is owing to the organic nature of the product which doesn’t cause any harmful effects on the body. It may even be consumed for prolonged time periods without experiencing any health risks.
  • Divya Kapardhak Bhasma also acts as a great blood purifier. It helps in removal of any contaminants or other impurities present in the blood thereby ensuring that no health problems are caused due to impurities in the blood. Even common skin ailments such as acne, eczema and psoriasis which are caused due to impure or contaminated blood.
  • Divya Kapardhak Bhasma is also good for the digestive system as it helps in setting the upset digestive system tight. It is helpful and beneficial in getting rid of common digestive problems including vomiting, flatulence, acidity, heartburn, loss of appetite, constipation etc. Divya Kapardhak Bhasma helps in complete digestion of foods consumed by the body. It also ensures that all waste and harmful materials are removed from the body so as to keep digestive system free of any ailments or disorders.

As prescribed by your physician or Ayurveda expert.

Side effects

This item is not known to have any side effects if taken as per the prescribed dosage.

Pack size

10 gram


-- Who should avoid taking this medicine? - As the effect of this product on pregnant and nursing women is not known, this Ayurvedic supplement is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

-- Please inform your physician before consuming in the following situations: diabetes, hypertension

-- Do not combine any medications without first asking your doctor / Ayurvedic Physician.

-- Do not exceed the stated dose - if unsure please contact Ayurvedic Doctor/Physician

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