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Iba Halal Care Luxury Facial Soap - Saffron Sandal

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Iba Halal Care Luxury Facial Soap - Saffron Sandal

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Experience soft, glowing skin. Iba Luxury Facial Soap with Saffron Sandal is made from finest, skin-friendly natural ingredients that gently cleanse, unclog pores and remove dead skin to reveal a soft, glowing complexion.

Key Features

  • Halal certified, Vegan & Cruelty-free Product
  • 100% Natural
  • No Animal Fat
  • No Sulfates & Parabens
  • Leaves skin soft and glowing without causing dryness or stretchiness


  • Saffron Extract – Enhances glow
  • Sweet Almond Oil – Moisturises skin
  • Vegetable Glycerin – Softens skin
  • Aloe Vera extract – Soothes skin

How to use product

Lather the soap between palms with water. Massage over face. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry. Use twice a day.


25 gram


Halal Certified Product
halal.jpg No Alcohol
No Pork or Animal Derrived Ingredients
No Sulfates and Parabens

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